Levels of Light

Conscious Curriculum for the First Awakening

Created by Cristine Price

Cristine Price, M.S. provides an overview of the seven levels of consciousness. She goes in depth depicting the first five levels of light. These levels provide a framework for raising one's frequency, understanding the big picture of progression and making sense of life experiences. The First Awakening takes place in those who are willing to have their eyes opened and their hearts changed. This model goes beyond the basic mindset of morality - good and bad - that many grew up with. The course addresses:

  • Why dualism isn't working and examples of the shift around us
  • The balance of antagonists and protagonists in our life stories
  • How power fits into consciousness, higher frequencies and whole-ism
  • The role of the heart and empathy in the big picture and the process of awakening

Section 1: Introduction and First Level of Light

  • 1

    Introduction to the Levels of Consciousness

    Watch the overview of the Seven Levels as you use the handout to consider the question: "What is my frequency?" Your frequency is likely to vary in the different life areas.
    35 minutes
  • 2

    First Level of Light

    Learn about how the First Level of Light may be important for having power in your life and attracting money. Find out more about empty energetic voids and how to fill them consciously.
    23 minutes

Section 2: Second Level of Light

Section 3: Third Level of Light

Section 4: Fourth Level of Light

Section 5: Fifth Level of Light

Section 6: BONUS - High Frequency Health and Wealth

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