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Resources to Lift Your Mood and Shift Your Attitude

Created by Cristine Price

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Does your brain and body chemistry support feelings of gratitude? Have you heard of Dysthymia? It is a treatment resistant depression that doesn't respond to regular treatment. Cristine Price, M.S. has a story of overcoming chronic depression with a simple tool, that of gratitude. She explains the nature of chronic, depression and goes on to share other blocks to gratitude. The solutions of Meditation and Mindfulness can change brain waves. She offers much of the course for free, with the intention that people will receive the "gift of gratitude"

Also included in the free portion of the course:

  • "Gratitude, Meditation and Mindfulness" - Full video training addresses Dysthymia, chronic pain and also the common challenge of the over-active mind. The brain wave patterns of Theta, Alpha and Beta are explained in regards to the grateful mind. Available in two parts - Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.
  • Removing the Blocks to Gratitude this e-book outlines the blocks to gratitude and finding solutions. It is a general transcription of the full video training. Download the "Lesson Resource" in Lesson 1.
  • 14-day version of The Gift of Gratitude e-book to Lift Your Mood and Shift Your Attitude. Download the "Lesson Resource" in Lesson 2.

Section 2: Removing Blocks to Gratitude

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